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(Litigation & Disputes)

Our firm provides litigation and dispute resolution services in a wide variety of cases to individuals and businesses. Our AKIS  lawyer team has the necessary skill and experience to successfully resolve your case, and is prepared to protect your rights inside and outside of the courtroom.
Our firm represents clients in a wide variety of commercial matters and has successfully litigated cases for clients all over the country. Since litigation has been an essential component of our practice, our attorneys have the necessary experience to successfully resolve a multitude of commercial legal matters, including, but not limited to:

• Internet & E-commerce
• Probate & Estate
• Products Liability
• Real Estate & Foreclosure
• Patent Infringement
• Trade Secrets
• Trademark Infringement
• Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
• Copyright Infringement
• Iran Court Litigation
• White Collar Defense

• Appeals
• Arbitration
• Business Bankruptcy
• Commercial Disputes / Business Torts
• Construction Disputes
• Creditors’ Rights
• Defamation
• Employment
• False Claims Act (Qui Tam) & Whistleblower Claims
• Government Contract Disputes & Bid Protests
• Insurance

Our attorneys are comfortable in the courtroom. They have litigated disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants, including corporate , small and medium businesses, and individuals. Our attorneys have represented clients through every phase of their case, includ- ing complex appeals

Family Law

Advice and legal representation is assured to local and foreign clients concerning all family law and family related matters.
By attention to the subtleties in family law in Iran, using of Akis experienced attorneys is of the utmost importance to successfully resolve your case. We counsel in domestic matters such as: prenuptial agreements; marriage property rights
(alimony, disobedience, dowry and the like); legal separation; divorce proceedings and property settlement; adoption procedures; guardianship and minor disputes. Legal assistance is rendered to our clients focused on the context of estate and family planning, as well as representation and follow up of family procedures fled before the Family Courts and Juvenile Courts concerning parent/ children disputes.

Corporate Law

To compete in today’s marketplace, corporate clients need strong, diplomatic business lawyers on their team to help them decide
when to avoid conflict and when to be aggressive. Akis provides a wide range of corporate legal services to clients such as: handling certificate of good standing and corporate existence of companies, Public Registry Office searches, drafting articles of incorporation and company by-laws, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, payment of fiscal taxes, drafting of minutes of all kinds of meetings, powers of attorney, legal counselling on complex matters that usually arise during the life of a corporation. Also, legal advice is offer on subjects such as shareholder rights’, director liability,minority shareholder’s rights, class preferences, preemptive rights, rights of first refusal, corporate governance, voting rights, declaration of dividends, among others.

Our firm offers a one-stop shop for all of your business matters, including:
• General Corporate Advice & Strategy Planning
• Company Formation & Corporate Governance
• Franchising
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Buy-ins & Buy-outs
• Private Placement Offerings & Investment Agreements
• Owner/Partner Agreements
• Joint Ventures & Teaming Agreements
• Loan Documents
• Secured Transactions (UCC)
• Commercial Real Estate & Leasing
• Raising Capital

Insurance and Reinsurance Law

Based on the longstanding and strong connections with major local insurance and reinsurance companies, Akis provides legal services to both foreign companies and local clients also individuals who wish to use insurance. The Firm’s attorneys handle insurance claims, assistance in the collection of premiums, litigation, insurance fraud claims, and other related matters to the insured.

Commercial Transactions and Contract Law

The AKIS firm provides professional expertise to clients demanding commercial counselling. Its practice encompasses negotiation and drafting of contracts and other financial and commercial documents related to operations to be carried out within or outside Iran, such as contracts dealing with: real estate property, export-import; loans, financing, product distribution, etc.

Legal supervision on the contract performance and dispute resolution arising out of contracts is our expertise.

Our efficient team specialized in this area of practice, offers advice to companies or individuals who wish to do business in Iran, mainly in setting up the documents and procedures before the public and private authorities, based upon the benefits and advantages granted by the laws and the commercial instruments of Iran.

Tax Law

Our expert tax lawyers and support staff specialized in taxation can address all kinds of fiscal queries from domestic and foreign clients.
Legal representation is provided to customers in tax investigations; tax planning; tax audits and assessments; counselling of local tax laws; tax returns; challenging tax regulations; defending tax fraud actions and administrative matters before the Bureau of Taxes of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
The firm also gives orientation and legal counselling to foreign clients on how to best structure transactions to take full advantage of Iran’s territorial taxation system and legal representation in tax litigation.
Our practice extends to all sort of national and municipal taxes, thus personal and corporate income taxes; dividend tax; capital gains tax; property tax; value added tax; stamp tax, among others.

Labour Law

Our attorney specializes in counselling local and multinational companies in all aspects concerning labor relations and employment law. A comprehensive array of services in labor-management relations are offered such as: employment agreements; negotiation and drafting of collective bargaining agreements; work permit applications for foreign employees; social security administration registration; taxation of employee and executive compensation; termination of employment relations and counsel for wrongful terminations; drafting of workplace rules; arbitration of labor disputes; labor claims and litigation; and all kind of employment-related services.

As an integral part of all the litigation practice, this law firm is normally involved in assisting local and foreign clients in litigious claims arising out the employer – employee relationship. Our practice has focused primarily in the legal representation of employers (companies) before the labor courts in Iran, nevertheless there are expert attorneys within this law office that devote a great deal of time giving legal counselling as well as representing executives and other employees with claims against their employers.

Intellectual Property Law

Since Iran has modernized its legislation regarding these topics, a complete legal advice and representation services are provided to clients in this field, from administrative aspects to a judicial scenario. Representation is devoted to national and foreign merchants or manufacturers in handling the registration, renewal and protection of their patents and trademarks.

Due to the substantial growth of false reproductions from master pieces and expressions of art in all its forms, the registration of intellectual property rights and their protection from violators are within the most important tasks to be accomplished by specialized attorneys in this firm. You can obtain more information in Akis IP Services Section.

Competition Law

Akis’s antitrust lawyers have assisted both domestic and foreign clients, including corporations of all sizes. Their work combines expertise in valuation, strategy, technology assessment, and competitive analysis with experience in patents, copyrights, trade secrets, standards, competitive effects and licenses.

With these integrated services our antitrust team can meet the challenges of clients working in the world’s major antitrust jurisdictions and provide counsel on the full scope of antitrust law issues.
Our expertise in antitrust issues includes:
•    Intellectual property antitrust
•    Compliance Counseling
•    Competition-related litigation
•    Arbitration
•    Merger Clearance
•    Cartel investigation

Construction Law

Given the complexities and vagaries of both the construction process and the business relationships that are involved in construction projects, it is inevitable that problems will occur and disputes will arise out of some of those problems. Our mission is to solve client problems and, when necessary, to guide our clients through their disputes as successfully, productively and cost effectively as possible.

We work diligently to understand your goals, protect your rights, and bring resolutions as quickly as possible to construction disputes. We will negotiate vigorously on your behalf or advocate before an arbitration board or a judge and jury depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the dispute.
An experienced construction lawyer at Akis can help you negotiate building contracts and resolve claims, payment disputes, insurance disputes, and construction-related disputes over legal documents.

Real Estate Law

At Akis Law firm, we understand the needs of investors in this area and we are committed to render an integral legal service for persons wishing to visiting, relocating and/or investing in Iran.

Some of the attorneys are, even certified license real estate brokers that enables the firm to better understand and attends the real needs of the clients.

Our lawyers specialized in all matters related to real estate investment, which includes: property title searches; due diligence search and reports on real estate properties; land surveys; Public Registry Office registration; encumbrances; real estate taxes; negotiation and drafting of promise to purchase and sale agreements, including final purchase contracts; registration and follow up of real estate mortgages and title deeds; assistance and selection of local banks in the procurement of mortgages; promissory real estate rights, and all related services which are naturally or incidentally originated from real estate transactions.

The law firm assists clients in matters associated with the horizontal property (condominiums regime), formation of owners associations, property segregation, master sales contracts and tax planning.

Product Liability

Our attorneys defend a variety of liability and personal injury and wrongful death cases brought against our clients, and work with our clients to craft the right defense strategy, whether it be negotiating a settlement, seeking a dismissal or preparing for and trying the case.
We understand the intricacies of these laws and use that knowledge, as well as a keen understanding of their clients’ businesses and products, to craft the best strategy for the client, centered around an aggressive defense of the product.
We defend manufacturers, distributors and retailers of all types of consumer products comprising a diverse range of industries, including pharmaceuticals and medical device equipment, heavy machinery and construction equipment, hand tools, automotive, fashion and apparel, sporting equipment, cosmetics, nutritional products and dietary supplements, children’s toys, household appliances.


For companies that are struggling, it is important to understand that early planning is the best medicine.

Our attorneys take a flexible approach to reorganization, simultaneously seeking workouts outside of the bankruptcy system, while also planning a bankruptcy strategy should your business’ creditors be unwilling to work with you to effect a positive change for your business.

But the most successful reorganizations are usually those that have had strategies planned well in advance of an actual default. If your business is struggling, please contact our attorneys for a consultation to discuss the reorganization options for your business.

Banking Law & Finance Regulation

Clients receive legal counselling and assistance in the preparation and drafting of legal paperwork that is required to open and manage any type of bank accounts, whether local or foreign, secured and unsecured credit transactions, bank loans, and credit operations.

We counsel clients on commercial loan transactions, regulatory compliance, product development and design, structuring and management of investment funds and implementation of trading strategies.

Expertise in this field is assured because our banking lawyers and support team are not only experts on complex banking laws and regulations, but are also well acquainted in business issues affecting the banking industry.

Akis also has the wherewithal to address broad subject areas crucial to our financial service clients: corporate law and securities, labor and employment, employee benefits, local and international tax and treaties, and litigation relevant to banks and financial service transactions.

Probate ( Estate Will and testament )

Are you the heir or executor of an estate involved in a dispute regarding a will, real property, property, trust or other estate or probate matter? Working closely with its probate and estate administration practice, the firm handles probate litigation as the need arises. َ

Akis recognizes how frustrating and emotional the experience of handling a loved one’s estate can be.

Our Akis probate lawyer team can work towards a successful resolution on your behalf while remaining sensitive to the personal issues and concerns when dealing in this particularly complex area.

If a will dispute, trust contest, disagreement regarding distribution of property, assets or other dispute arises, the firm can step in to protect your rights. Probate disputes can be contentious matters that require the skill of a Akis probate lawyer who understands how to work with people-not against people.

Environmental Law

We are well-equipped to assemble international teams of experienced environmental lawyers on matters anywhere in the world, whether handling cross-border transactions with assets in several jurisdictions or advising global clients on the environmental regulations relevant to their operations. The team handles a complete range of environmental litigation and environmental issues arising in transactions around the globe.

We offer well-grounded legal advice and counsel in connection with compliance issues, corporate and financial transactions, and disputes concerning environmental requirements and potential environmental damages.

We cover all aspects of environmental law, including:

  • Environmental litigation and enforcement
  • Environmental due diligence and transactional advice
  • Environmental compliance and regulatory advice
  • Environmental legislation and lobbying (globally)
  • Climate change, renewable energy and clean technology
  • Environmental advice on infrastructure and project development and finance
    International trade and the environment

EU Law

We provide an advice and research service to individuals and organisations, covering most aspects of EU Law. Our service covers all aspects of the rights and obligations of individuals and companies under European Community law.


  • Application of Directives and Regulations
  • Dealing with infringements of EU law
  • Using EU law before the national courts
  • EU Cross-border family issues
  • Queries regarding the European Court of Justice
  • Environmental policy
  • Free Movement of Goods, Services, People and Capital rules
  • EU Common Policies
  • Trade Policy
  • Transport policy
  • External Policy
  • Social policy


On 16 January 2016 (Implementation Day of the agreement), the Council lifted all nuclear-related economic and financial EU sanctions against Iran. However, some restrictions remain in force.

E-commerce, Cyber and IT Law

We offer our legal services in the whole field of e-commerce, whether it be e.g. the establishment of an online shop or the undertaking of (direct) marketing campaigns et cetera.

The area of e-commerce includes several fields of law, e.g. telemedia law, competition law, data protection law, trademark law, copyright law and not least distance selling law. Safekeeping responsibilities due to commercial and tax laws also apply. Before starting a direct marketing or viral marketing campaign in order to promote a product or service, the lawfulness of such campaign has to be reviewed especially regarding competition and data protection law aspects. Common sanctions due to breaches of the applicable provisions are amongst others administrative fines, contractual penalties, criminal liability, cease and desist claims by competitors, and – not least – massive damages to a company’s image.

In other side, High technology projects often rely on complex IT and telecommunications systems. We advise our clients on all project related questions such as data protection law requirements, IT outsourcing, cloud computing, big data, telecommunications licensing, frequency assignment procedures or IT procurement procedures.

We deal with legal matters in all aspects of information technology and data protection through, including inter alia:

• Contract law advice and, in particular, drafting and negotiating commercial contracts and software license agreements
• Personal data protection mechanisms
• Day-to-day advice for IT Department
• IT-related dispute resolution, including litigation and arbitration
• Risk management advice

Energy, Health and Sport Law

Sport Law:

Akis’s Sports Law Practice provides a diverse range of counseling and legal services to athletes and their families, coaches, and agents. On the counseling side, we advise professional players and coaches in contract negotiations, salary arbitrations, and free agency, as well as negotiate endorsement and marketing contracts on their behalf.

Akis also support clients, those involved in sport whether they be clubs and organizations, employees, participants or volunteers.

Health Law:

We provide practical, effective legal solutions for the increasingly complex healthcare industry and cover all aspects of health law, including:

  • Medical negligence, disciplinary and regulatory matters
  • Employment and environmental (including medical waste management) liability
  • Medical and pharmaceutical product liability


Energy Law:

We provide specialized legal services in a variety of transactions to businesses in the Oil and Gaz, Wind, Solar and Biomass Energy areas as well as for Geothermal, Hydro-Electric, Ocean/Wave Energy, Biogas and any other Renewable Energy projects in Iran.

We provide legal services both nationally and internationally, appropriate to the size and needs of our clients.

Our Services for the Renewable Energy Sector in Iran include:

  • Assistance in drafting contracts, agreements and any other related documentation:
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Agreements
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Supply Agreement
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Interconnection Agreements
  • Completion Guarantees
Public International Law

Our practice includes both advisory and advocacy work on all aspects of Public International Law. We advise States, international organizations and multinational companies on issues such as:

  • State responsibility
  • Treaty law
  • International investments
  • Oil and gas (and other natural resources)
  • State contracts
  • Infrastructure disputes
  • Law of the sea
  • International environmental law
  • International organizations
  • Defense industry contracts
  • International trade disputes
  • Sanctions and trade embargoes


Also Our International Trade group helps clients manage the risks and maximize the opportunities associated with the increasing regulation of international trade in goods and services.

Our practice extends throughout the globe and provides a range of services designed to match the scope of global trade regulation and to answer the needs of our clients wherever and whenever they arise.